Doctorlink helps you to access the right treatment faster, guiding you on a route to better health and wellbeing. If your condition is high risk, you will be prioritized to see your doctor the same day. Developed by doctors and covering 95% of all conditions, the symptom checker is a service you can trust to improve your health and wellbeing.

DoctorLink will direct you to the best care available. Registration is simple! Click on the button below begin the registration process, it only takes a few minutes! Once registered, this tool will ask you a number of questions to help to identify your problem. The outcome of your assessment will direct you to the right treatment, whether that be from us or another provider. If your outcome indicates that an appointment is required with us, you simply click on the request appointment button when offered. The information you provide will then be shared with our clinicians and we’ll contact you to arrange an appointment as appropriate. We will call you the same day to arrange the appointment, the speed at which we call will be determined by the urgency stated by DoctorLink. If we can’t reach you within an appropriate time frame, we will book an appointment for you and send an SMS confirmation.

We are encouraging all patients to register. Those under the age of 16 are not permitted to register for DoctorLink themselves, however, a parent/guardian can log in to the service themselves and check the symptoms for the child. Children under the age of 3 should not be put through DoctorLink at all.

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If you are having problems signing in or using Doctorlink please contact the Doctorlink helpdesk using the details below:

0300 111 6433 or [email protected]