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Medical education

This practice is an accredited training centre, with Dr Osmond, Dr Grimmer, Dr Burrows, Dr Wilson, Dr Kramar and Dr Turek being registered GP trainers.

Being a training practice involves the training of clinicians at a variety of levels; from medical students still at university, to newly qualified doctors undertaking their foundation years, and registrars moving towards qualification as General Practitioners.

The length of time a trainee could be with the practice depends upon their stage of training. Medical students are generally with us for two weeks, whilst registrars may be at the surgery for up to a year.

Newly qualified doctors and registrars hold their own clinics, under the mentorship of Dr Osmond, or Dr Grimmer; whereas medical students assist a doctor during your consultation. This is a tremendous experience for medical students however, if you do not wish to have a student present during your consultation, please inform the doctor you are seeing at the time of your appointment.